Big Wind Up (aka Oofuri) is an anime about a baseball team, and while we have next to no interest in baseball, we really enjoyed it. The characters were really cute and we learned way more about the sport than we ever thought we would. It's a shame that the whole series hasn't been brought over to the US because it is really good.

What was Big Wind Up about?

Big Wind Up was an adorable slice-of-life anime about a high school baseball team. It followed the story of Mihashi as he struggled to overcome his major insecurity issues in order to become the ace pitcher. He and the rest of the team had to learn to work together quickly as they faced the previous season's winning team in their very first match-up of the tournament.

What was the best part about the show?

The friendships that formed between all of the main characters were really cute and made a show about baseball very interesting. We enjoyed watching Mihashi's character growth as he came to rely on Abe and his other teammates, and it was very sweet to watch him slowly accept that he was a valuable member of the team.

What was the worst part about the show?

The length of the baseball games was a bit excessive. A single inning could span multiple episodes, and it makes rewatching a favorite scene difficult because it is hard to know where it would be in the game!

Where did the show go wrong?

When they didn't bring over season 2 to America!

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

Mihashi's freak out trying to steal a base during their big game, Hanai picking their number in the tournament lottery, the cheerleading squad, pretty much anything with Tajima, when Mihashi was slow getting Sakaguchi toilet paper, "Runner on Third!", when everyone went over to Mihashi's house for lunch, the birthday celebration, when the guy from the other team fanboyed over Tajima, and Abe and Mihashi holding hands.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Tajima, Mihashi, Abe, and Hanai. Tajima was very funny and it was adorable how he was so supportive of Mihashi and such a good team player even though he was probably the best. Mihashi was kind of a mess, but that made him very endearing, and you really wanted him to succeed. Abe only wanted the best for the team and even though he had trouble communicating with Mihashi without unintentionally upsetting him, Abe really cared about him. Hanai was a good team captain and we just liked him a lot!