Bunny Drop

"Even so, it seems like that smile will be my happiness from now on... And I guess I don't think there's anything wrong with that." - Daikichi

Bunny Drop is a slice-of-life anime and manga series about Daikichi Kawachi, a 30 year old man who unexpectedly became the guardian of six year old Rin. The story is chronicled in an 11 episode anime series and there is also a manga series, although I have only seen the anime. When Daikichi attended his grandfather's funeral, he met and formed an instant connection with Rin Kaga, who appeared to be the secret child of his deceased grandfather. With no one else willing to take in Rin, her wellbeing and future were put into question, and Daikichi made the impulsive decision to bring her home with him. Together, Rin and Daikichi started on a new path as Daikichi learned what it meant to be a father and Rin found her forever family with Daikichi.

This was such a sweet and heartwarming series. I am not usually a fan of kid storylines, especially when they portray how much fuller and more fulfilling a person's life is once they add a child into the mix, but this series did a good job of showing how Daikichi struggled with losing out on some of his goals and plans when Rin arrived. In order to be able to have more time to care for her, he had to accept a different position in his company, and I felt they did a good job of showing how he had to make some real personal sacrifices for Rin's sake. However, despite all the changes and hard work, he did find a new kind of happiness with her in his life. It wasn't a life that everyone was cut out for (such as Rin's mother), but he was willing to take it on and that was admirable. I loved all the little touches that showed the impact that Rin had on his life and home, and how they made such an adorable father and daughter pair. He really stepped up when Rin needed someone in her life and even though he hadn't planned on parenthood for himself, at least not at the time that it happened, his sense of responsibility ended up providing a wonderfully stable and loving home for her.

The art style in this series was really unique and I loved the watercolor opening scenes because they added a sort of dreamlike or storybook quality to the start of the episodes. I also loved the voice acting - the kids in particular really sounded like actual children with how they talked and reacted. Rin was absolutely adorable throughout the series and I loved her quirky little facial expressions and how the show really captured an innocent and childlike view of the world through her. She could also be surprisingly mature and introspective at times, and did her best to look out for Daikichi to the best of her abilities. Since the episodes consisted of day to day life for Daikichi and Rin it felt very authentic and was often a very relaxing and pleasant show to watch with its charming simplicity. Bunny Drop was a really cute show and I liked how it really showed how Daikichi found his balance in his new role, and how although caring for Rin was not always easy, that it was worth it to him and that they could figure out how to navigate their new life together.

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Daikichi, Rin
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