"In what universe is there an idiot who falls off a building while chasing a rice ball?" - Ban Mido

GetBackers is an anime that ran for two seasons as well as a manga revolving around a recovery agency aimed at helping people get back what they have lost. The GetBackers are Ban Mido and Ginji Amano, two friends with special abilities that aid them on their missions. Ginji is the lightning master and Ban has the Jagan which allows him to alter people's thoughts for a short while after they look into his eyes. There is a very colorful cast of supporting characters - each with their own unique powers - that work to either help or hinder Ban and Ginji at every turn.

While it is a comedic show and gets quite silly with all of the different agencies and powers, the characters have a surprising amount of depth. In particular, Ginji is a generally happy go lucky character, but as you delve deeper into his past, you get to see a very different side to his personality. Ban also had a bit of a tragic backstory, but it was nowhere near as enthralling as figuring out the hidden depths of Ginji's. All of the characters were well written and interesting with the exception of Himiko, who really had little purpose in the series except to bring up Ban's past. Everyone had their quirks and never quite ended up where you would have expected after first being introduced to them. Shido was adorable with Madoka, and his rival recovery agency lead to a lot funny moments, Juubei and Kazuki had a much bigger role than we thought they would, and their love was also a high point for the series, and Akabane was just an all around great character who never failed to pull focus and change the tone of any scene for the better. Add to that Ban and Ginji and their undying loyalty to each other, and even the most drawn out storylines were made interesting due to the interactions between all of the characters. GetBackers will never be our favorite anime, but it is still super cute and it gets better each time we watch it.

The strange thing about GetBackers is that we didn't really like the show when we started watching it. We actually didn't really even become fans of it until the very end of season 1, but there must have been something that grabbed us to make us hold out and keep watching for that long. All I know is that somewhere in the never ending Limitless Fortress saga at the end of the first season, everything clicked into place for us and we finally got the show. Rewatching those early episodes is really enjoyable now that we know all of the characters and understand what the show is going for. No, it is not an artistic masterpiece and the dub is not exactly top notch quality, but it all has a charm about it that works together to create a memorable series with a lot of heart.

Ginji, Ban, Akabane, Emishi
Ban, Ginjia, Akabane, Kazuki
Ginji's Hospitalized? It's a Hospital! Everyone Assembled, High School Girl vs. Recovery Service, Monkey Counterattack!
Stream Recovery: The Hot Springs Travel Diary!?, Ginji's Hospitalized? It's a Hospital! Everyone Assembled
Ban/Ginji, Juubei/Kazuki, Ban and Shido, Ginji and Akabane
Ban/Ginji, Juubei/Kazuki, Shido/Madoka
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