When we first saw Get Backers, we thought it was kind of boring, but kept watching with the hope that it would get better.  By the end of the first season we suddenly realized that the show was hilarious and now any episode we rewatch is thoroughly entertaining.  We're not sure why it took so long to click with us, but we're glad it did!

What was Get Backers about?

Get Backers was an anime about two friends named Ban and Ginji who ran a recovery service.  They could get back anything for anyone, and had a 100% success rate.  Most of the episodes followed Ban and Ginji along their current assignment, but there were a few long running arcs throughout the show.  Most of these dealt with Ginji's past with the Limitless Fortress, a city within the city, where he used to lead a gang.  Most of the characters on the show had special abilities that allowed them to better carry out their missions.

What was the best part about the show?

Ban and Ginji, as well as most of the supporting cast, were really entertaining and interesting characters.  Ban and Ginji's relationship was adorable and the show as a whole was really funny.  All of the characters had good chemistry together and were developed as the show went on.  As we said before, we don't know why it took us so long to realize how good the show was because upon rewatching, it was consistently good throughout the entire run and we count it among our favorites.

What was the worst part about the show?

In the English dub, Ban had a different voice in the first few episodes, which was jarring upon rewatching.  Also, the storylines with Hevn and Himiko were tedious and annoying.

Where did the show go wrong?

Although some episodes were not as strong as others, it was pretty consistent throughout and there wasn't one specific point that we can think of when it went wrong.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

The entire hospital episode was hilarious, when Emishi "trapped" Ban and Ginji and didn't realize that Ban had used his Jagon on him, anything having to do with the monkeys, Akabane and Ginji's scenes were always great, when Ban and Ginji reunited in the Limitless Fortress, Ginji's happy dance, and anytime Ginji went chibi.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Ban, Ginji, Akabane, Emishi, Shido, Kazuki, and Juubei.  We weren't lying when we said this show had good characters!  Ban had an interesting personality (he was dorky, but still cool) and we're so glad they didn't spend too much time on his backstory because it would have been boring.  He was always so protective of Ginji, and that was really cute.  Ginji was hilarious and a great friend to everyone, but he also had his serious side.  Akabane was one strange bad guy, and the show was better for having him.  Emishi was a welcome addition to the cast at the end of the first season, and his scenes were always good for a laugh.  Shido and his rivalry with Ban was always fun to watch, and his relationship with Madoka was sweet.  Kazuki and Juubei were very cute together and had some of the strangest and funniest scenes between them (like when a blind Juubei left Kazuki on a quest to find himself because of his inability to tell a joke).