When we started watching Kyo Kara Maoh, we didn't realize that the entire show had not yet been released on DVD. Since we had already fallen in love with the show we stuck it out, but the wait between each disk (each containing 3-4 episodes) was unbearable at times. Now we're just hoping they'll one day bring over season 3!

What was Kyo Kara Maoh about?

Kyo Kara Maoh (aka God Save Our King) was an anime about a young man named Yuri Shibuya who found himself king of an alternate world after being flushed down the toilet.  He had a hard time believing it at first, but eventually came to accept his new life as king of the Demon Kingdom.  There were many other characters in the show who helped or hindered Yuri along the way (including his accidental fiance Wolfram), and they were all great.  He was quite inexperienced and always seemed to get into bad situations because of his naive outlook on life, but everything usually worked out in the end because Yuri was truly a great king.

What was the best part about the show?

The characters were definitely the best part, with the humor coming close behind.  Almost all of the characters were really fun and interesting and the show wouldn't have worked without all of them.  It was cool how the show sometimes had several of the characters get separated from the others and so we got to learn more about them as individuals outside of the group.  The humor was really a big part of the show, and there were usually several times in each episode where we found ourselves laughing out loud!  It was a nice change from all the serious and angst filled anime that we began watching.  The show didn't take itself too seriously, and it was just fun to watch.

What was the worst part about the show?

The only bad part (and this is nothing against he show itself) was the really long wait in between the releases of each disk.  Then, once we reached the end of season 2, we read that there was a third season being made!

Where did the show go wrong?

It hadn't as of the end of season 2.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

When Yuri first saw the sand bear in the desert, the entire Bearbee episode, Yuri's rowing instructions, when Wolfram caught Yuri after they had been separated for so long, when Yuri adopted Greta, Wolfram's suggestion for keeping warm in the snowstorm, Yuri and Wolfram's bear hats, when Gwendel and Yuri were mistaken for the elopers, when Gunter was a male model, when Yuri's mom found out about Yuri and Wolfram's engagement, Josak cross dressing, and when Gunter thought that Yuri joined a monastery.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Yuri, Wolfram, Gunter, Josak, Gwendel, Greta, and Jennifer.  Yuri was so cute and loveable.  He always did what he believed in, although it was occasionally annoying, and he was always a great friend to everyone.  Wolfram was so funny and completely devoted to his fiancee Yuri.  Gunter was also funny, and the show wouldn't be the same without his crazy antics.  Josak had good character growth and was always there to save the day.  His relationship with Conrad was also super cute.  Gwendel was an interesting character because although he had this tough guy exterior he had a soft spot for small cute things.  Greta's character could have easily been really obnoxious since she was a kid character and a later addition to the cast, but she ended up being really cute and likeable.  Yuri's mom Jennifer was just crazy and all of her scenes were really amusing.