We rented a disk of Gravitation on a whim and were really pleased to find that it was a great show.  We ended up buying and watching all five disks that same weekend and have been obsessed ever since.  The series was really good and our interest in the story and the characters also opened up the door to our becoming fans of manga.

What was Gravitation about?

Gravitation was about a young man named Shuichi Shindou who was trying to get his band, Bad Luck, off the ground.  In the process of doing this, he met a man named Eiri Yuki and fell hopelessly in love with him.  The 13 episode series followed Shuichi's dreams of becoming a rock star and his relationship with Yuki.  There were 2 OVAs that seemed to take place after the series ended, although they were made before the show.  The anime is based on the 12 volume manga series by Maki Murakami.  There were also 2 novels and a manga series called Graviation EX continuing the original story.

What was the best part about the show?

Yuki and Shuichi's relationship, Ryuichi, the character development, the music, the humor, the story, Kumagoro, Shuichi's costumes, Mr. K, the voice acting...  Pretty much everything.  The show was just really, really well done and although it tended to lean more towards the comedic side, it had many serious moments throughout to keep it well balanced.

What was the worst part about the show?

It was too short!  However, since it was based on a multi-volume manga, there was a lot more to the story than just the anime.  In fact, the manga goes much further into the characters backstories and development.  It also contained many important scenes and characters that were not included in the episodes.

Where did the show go wrong?

It didn't.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

Shuichi and Ryuichi playing tag, Shuichi telling (or not telling) Hiro about his first night with Yuki, Shuichi and Ryuichi's cosplay outfits, K's obsession with his guns, Yuki and Shuichi's date at the amusement park, Bad Luck on Quiz and Pop, when Hiro and Shuichi made up and became friends again, when Shuichi and Tatsuha were watching the Nittle Grasper video, and when Shuichi declared his love for Yuki on stage.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Shuchi, Yuki, Ryuichi, and K.  Shuichi was adorable and just so easy to love.  He was actually a very complex character, although it wouldn't seem like it at first, and it was fun watching his crazy journey throughout the show.  Yuki was a very deep and conflicted character whose backstory was not as contrived as would be expected based on his initial demeanor.  Ryuichi was also very complex and was truly a unique character.  K was awesome and a very different character as well.  All of the characters were much more developed in the manga, but they were still very interesting in the show too.