Otakon 2010 was our introduction to Hetalia.  With the numerous voice actors in attendance, tons of cosplayers and merchandise for the series, and the premiere of the English dub, it was hard not to get swept up in Hetalia fever - before we even saw one episode!

What was Hetalia about?

Hetalia is an anime based on a popular web comic series by the same name.  The characters on the show represent world countries and the storylines follow their histories.  The five minute long episodes are jam packed with lots of random historical tidbits that actually get you interested in world history.  How could you watch the episodes about Sealand or painting Mt. Fuji red and not want to look them up right away?

What was the best part about the show?

The best part about the show is that even though the episodes are so short, you really get to know and love all of the characters.  It may sound strange to be a fan of a country or a relationship between countries (Germany and Italy are adorable together!), but once you see the show there is absolutely nothing strange about it at all.  Since the majority of storylines are at least loosely based on historical events, you actually do learn something watching it.  If nothing else, you'll at least learn most of the country names and some of the most random historical trivia you'll ever want to know!

What was the worst part about the show?

With the episodes only being five minutes long (including the opening and closing credits), there isn't much time to mess around with.  Many episodes have flashbacks to previous scenes and really long previews (like America's storage room cleaning) that really eat into the actual time for new content.

Where did the show go wrong?

Hetalia is not a show to be taken seriously and does not have any long overarching storylines at all.  At the most, an episode here or there may not be our favorite, but it doesn't affect the show as a whole.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

Hetalia Academy and Germany's quest to learn about Christmas, the differences between American and Japanese winter traditions, Germany pretending to be Italian, Chibitalia and Holy Rome's goodbye scene, when America won his independence, anything having to do with Canada in the Allies meetings, when France wanted to restart the Olympics, when France and Britain were spreading rumors, when Italy had a bad dream and Germany vowed to still be his BFF, when Russia wrote into France's radio show, when Russia was sad about his stupid suits when he was going to visit Germany and Italy, when Italy went through puberty, when Switzerland was teaching Liechtenstein to defend herself and drew such cute pictures, "China, I choose you!", and many, many more!

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Italy, Germany, America, Britain, France, Canada (we remember you, Canada!), Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Sealand, Russia, and Holy Rome.  That's probably not even half of the characters on the show even though it's a long list, but the show just has really good characters.  As for the why?  They're just all awesome and adorable.