Manga Review: Invisible Boy (vol 2)

"...That's right.  Sempai will only be here with me for a short while.  In less than a year... he will choose a different path from mine... and move on ahead.  How lonely it'll be without him...  How much fun it would be... if I could walk alongside him." - Yuushi

This volume of "Invisible Boy" picks up where we last left off and continues the adventures of the Ouka Academy student council.  Although this volume still focuses primarily on Yuushi, the student council president, this time the story spotlight shifts to focus on Takamura instead of Nagi, who only plays a small role in this book.  The main storyline involves another student who publishes stories in the school newspaper with the intent of getting Yuushi removed from office.  This student holds a grudge against the president because of a past incident, and he teams up with another student who wants to get Takamura to rejoin his club.  The two try to get the school to see that Yuushi is not capable enough to run the student council because he relies too much on the vice president.  When Yuushi and the others hear that Takamura may be persuaded to quit the student council, they decide that it is time to act!

Although I liked the first volume well enough, it was this one that solidified my love for this series!  I absolutely adored the scenes between Yuushi and Takamura, and I hope that they continue to grow closer if this series continues.  I liked Nagi, but I wasn't that interested in his potential relationship with Yuushi because I felt that I had read it all before.  The hints that there was something between Yuushi and Takamura was a very unexpected (but more than welcome) surprise!  Now I realize that they are not a couple, but there was plenty of subtext to keep me entertained, although the beginning of the last chapter was certainly an unfair tease!  I knew before I even turned the page it wasn't going to be what it looked like, but I was still hoping!  I'm not sure which is more frustrating to read - an intriguing couple with tons of chemistry that doesn't get together or a really boring and uninteresting one that does (like in so many other manga).  I've read tons of books where two really flat and dull characters fall in love and get together so quickly and it is so unsatisfying.  But then in this type of a book when I am completely rooting for two characters to get together, all we get is strung along with no payoff.  But at least with this type of scenario it is more fun to read because you can at least hope that they will have something more in the future.

Aside from the whole Takamura and Yuushi thing that I was really enjoying, I also really liked how the other characters in the student council continued to get developed.  And I think I have finally straightened out who everyone is in my head.  I got confused a few times in the first book, but I think I know who everyone is now.  I also really liked how we got to see into Takamura's family life and past this time.  It really added to the depth of his character and was really very interesting to me.  And the way that all the characters interact with each other is just so much fun to read.  I like all the characters in the student council, and even the 'bad guy' in this storyline had his own reasons and motivations for what he did, and he redeemed himself by the end.  Hotaru Odagiri really has a knack for telling a great story, and her art never fails to amaze me.

I certainly hope that this is not the last book in the "Invisible Boy" series, because there is really a lot of potential here for future stories.  I'm not sure which direction the next book would take, or if it would focus on Yuushi and another character in the student council, but I would hope that it would pick up where this one left off.  I would really love to see Yuushi and Takamura get together, and then maybe we could actually get to see some Boy Love in this Boys Love series!

- Liz