We first heard about Nabari when we were looking around for a new anime that we might enjoy. Surprisingly, we found this one relatively quickly, and we ended up liking it very much. When we first started watching, we had no idea how much of an emotional roller coaster it was going to be, but this show is definitely now up there among our favorites.

What was Nabari No Ou about?

Nabari was a slow building show that at its core was about the friendship between Miharu and Yoite.  Miharu was an apathetic teenage boy who had a special power inside of him that everyone wanted.  Yoite was deadly Kira technique master who wanted nothing more that to be erased from the world.  He had not led an easy life and had done many things which he regretted, and his powers were slowly draining the life from him.  When Miharu and Yoite met, they formed a special bond born out of Yoite's request that Miharu make him disappear.  They helped each other come out of their shells and learned to care not only about each other, but about all of the people around them.

What was the best part about the show?

The relationship between Miharu and Yoite was the best part.  Never before have we seen two characters click so instantly, yet believably, and they were adorable together.  They relied on each other so completely, and it was so sweet and well done.  We also loved how Miharu switched sides halfway through the show and started hanging out with all of the other characters that we liked more.  Raikou, Yukimi, Yoite, and Gau were all so much more interesting to us than his prior group.

What was the worst part about the show?

The characters that we did not care about as much (Tobari, Raimei, and Kouichi) seemed to all have happier endings than the ones that we loved.  We liked the idea of the character of Tobari, but in the anime he was just so annoying.  He had all of these fun quirks, but was just so irritating throughout the entire show by withholding important information and trying to control Miharu.  Raimei and Kouichi had less of a role in the show than we originally thought they would, but they just weren't as interesting to us as many of the other characters.  These characters all seemed much more fully realized in the manga, it just didn't carry over as much to the anime.

Where did the show go wrong?

It didn't particularly go wrong, but we didn't really love the ending.  It was open ended, but we were hoping for something more open ended regarding the characters that we liked.  We did enjoy seeing the aftermath of the big battle for a few episodes at the end, but would have preferred something less bittersweet after growing to love certain characters.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

When Miharu found Yoite on the bridge and they hugged, when Miharu found Yoite hiding in between the buildings and decided to hide with him, when Raikou decided that he wanted to drive Yukimi's car and promptly drove it into the water, when Raikou was browsing for glittery coats instead of a school uniform, when Miharu made Yoite wear his scarf, when Raikou helped Gau help Yoite, when Miharu made the decision to stick by Yoite, Raikou, and Yukimi, and anything having to do with Tobari's fear of vehicles.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Miharu, Yoite, Raikou, Gau, and Yukimi.  Miharu and Yoite were adorable together and their friendship was so precious.  Raikou and Gau were also incredibly cute and we wish that there had been more scenes between the two.  We didn't originally think that Yukimi would have a large role in the show, but were pleasantly surprised by how much he was in it and how much we ended up liking the character.  All five were the most interesting in the show in our opinion, and we were glad that they were focused on a lot.