Otakon 2012

July 27 - July 29, 2012

As longtime fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this year was exciting for us because we really wanted to see Jason David Frank. Our mom made Sebby a really cute outfit for his cosplay as a Nopera/Pictoponian from Hetalia, and a cosplayer dressed as America immediately recognized his character, which I thought was really neat. We attended a doll meet again this year and everyone was really nice and there was a nice variety of dolls in attendance. We stayed at the Hilton again this year because the convenience can't be beat (even with a broken ice machine on our floor).

Jason David Frank's panel was great - he seemed very genuine and sincere in his appreciation for the fans, and told lots of stories about Power Rangers and his career. It was very funny to see him prank call a cab company on someone's phone as the Green Ranger whose Zord had broken down. I don't think the cab company thought it was very funny, but everyone in the audience sure did! His panel was very entertaining and we were very glad to get the chance to see it. We also got to see J. Michael Tatum's panel, but we were really glad we got to see his panel at Anime USA because the difference in tone due to the audience members was so jarring. We preferred the more thoughtful questions and stories that were presented at the last con. We also enjoyed seeing Mike Sinterniklaas again - it was funny when someone asked him what brand his jeans were because they liked them, and he was like, ‘well, the only way I can tell you is to show you my butt’, and then he turned around so the guy could look at the label. It's always fun to get to see all the different panels!

Memorable Moments
  • Dinner at Pizza Uno on Thursday night (our waitress loved Sebby)
  • Breakfast at the Hilton (our waitress thought Sebby was dressed as a Teletubby)
  • Amazing cosplay including a Tulio and Miguel and a full size Tardis prop
  • Made origami flowers in Ota-chan
  • Hidetaka Tenjin panel
  • Artist Alley merchandise - Haku USxUK prints and doujinshi, doll sweater, USxUK sketchbook (signed and with a custom sketch by the artist), large prints from Firefly, Doctor Who, Hetalia, and Gravitation
  • Dealer's Room merchandise - Grell figure (we've been admiring him for over a year), Chocobo Racing/Dungeon Golem and Chubby Chocobo keychains, Nabari No Ou prints and notepads
  • J. Michael Tatum walking the runway during his panel
  • Aya Hirano panel
  • Almost completing our Hetalia trading figure set (just need Britain)
  • BJD panel
  • Mike Sinterniklaas panel
  • Brina Palencia panel
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