Trigun was the very first anime that we watched and although we weren't sure about it at first, it has become one of our very favorite shows.  Even though there were only 26 episodes (at less than a half hour each), the storyline was really good and the characters were extremely well developed.

What was Trigun about?

Trigun was about a man named Vash the Stampede who traveled the world and always seemed to find trouble wherever he went.  He had a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head and everyone was always trying to kill him in order to collect the reward.  However, he was a peaceful man who always found a way other than killing to get out of any situation.  Two insurance workers named Meryl and Milly were sent to investigate and follow Vash around to prevent any further damage throughout the world, and they ended up getting swept up into his crazy life.

What was the best part about the show?

The best part was how different the show was.  Vash was an emotional character who cried a lot and never wanted to hurt anything, not even a spider.  We liked how the show had one long continuing plot and an actual ending, and each episode built on the one before it.  We also really liked the previews for the next episodes and the english voice acting was really well done.  The characters were all very likable and you learned to care about them throughout the series.  Wolfwood and Vash's friendship was also one of the best parts because they had good chemistry in all of their scenes together.

What was the worst part about the show?

We guess the worst part was some of the bad guys because they were corny and annoying.  (Like the Nebraska family and the baddies in the earlier eps).  This problem corrected itself though when the Gung-Ho Guns became the main enemies.

Where did the show go wrong?

It didn't.

What is our favorite/most memorable scene?

When Vash tried to spy on Miss Maryanne and instead found Milly, the bus ride after they picked up Wolfwood in the desert, when Vash and Wolfwood were totally in synch with each other, Vash's total slaughter song, Vash's love for doughnuts, when Meryl finally realized that Vash was Vash, when Vash was crying after Wolfwood died, when Vash and Meryl were sitting under the stars, when Vash set off with Wolfwood's cross to find Knives, and Vash and Knives' epic fight scene.

Who are our favorite characters and why?

Vash and Wolfwood.  Vash was a very deep character with quite a long and interesting history.  He developed throughout the series and you would never guess from the beginning how many different sides there were to him.  His value system was different and made for a lot of interesting conflicts.  Wolfwood was very different from Vash, yet also very similar and the two worked so well together.  His character was also very well developed, and even though we never knew the entire extent of his backstory, there was enough there to keep us wanting to learn more.