Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls are a type of doll made from resin that have ball joints that allow them to pose. There are many different companies that sell these dolls, and there are also many different sizes of dolls available. There are dolls that are under 10 cm, and even some that go up to 90 cm! The thing that is very fun about these types of dolls is that they are completely customizable, and so every person's doll is always unique.

When I first found out about Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls back in 2008, I was instantly intrigued. I thought that the photos that people took of their dolls were just amazing and the dolls themselves were really beautiful. I was very interested in how customizable the dolls were, and how creative people in this hobby could be. There were so many different companies with so many different sculpts, and even if two people have the same exact sculpt, it was very unlikely that their dolls would look at all the same. In this hobby, the possibilities are endless for how to make the dolls look. Dolls can be purchased completely blank, and will arrive to their owners without any hair, clothes, eyes, or even their face paint.

Although I was very interested in the dolls at first, I was hesitant to buy my own because of the price. This is not a hobby to get into without a lot of thought and planning. After looking at so many other peoples dolls, I decided that I wanted to create a character doll. Some of the character dolls that have been created are just lovely, and I wanted to model my doll after the character of Shuichi from the anime/manga series "Gravitation". Yuki arrived not too long after and it was a lot of fun to take pictures of them together and to buy and create clothing for them. A year later I wanted to get another one, and so Caesar arrived. He is based on a character from the video game/manga "Suikoden III". I had no plans to get any more dolls after him, but I eventually caved and got one more, a little guy named Sebby. He is not based on any existing character, and it has been fun to have him around.

- Liz