Amigurumi is a style of crocheting little toys that originated in Japan. There are a bunch of patterns available in books and online, and using just a few basic crochet stitches can create a really cute little animal. I have been having a lot of fun crocheting these, and wanted to put up pictures of my finished projects here.

I have always been a fan of doing crafts, but crochet was never something that I was interested in. I had seen amigurumi a few times in the past on various websites and always thought that they were super cute, but I didnít think it was something I would be able to pick up. However, after finishing one of my needlepoint projects I decided I wanted to try something new, so I bought a book on amigurumi to give it a try. Using the book and tutorials online, I was able to teach myself the basic crochet stitches and have been having a lot of fun making amigurumi ever since! My main goal once I started working on them was to be able to make different characters from anime and video games that I am a fan of, and it has been a lot of fun to do. I donít really create my own patterns, but I do make a lot of adjustments to existing patterns to customize them to look the way that I want.

Most of the amigurumi that I make are different types of animals (because that seems to be what there are the most patterns for), but I also make characters from different fandoms, and lots of little scarves and hats for the amigurumi and other dolls and figures. Crocheting is really a lot of fun, and has turned out to be a very satisfying hobby for me. It is neat to see the pieces all come together as a cute little toy when you are finished, and it is a good mindless task to do while watching TV or listening to music.

- Liz