Puppy/Kitty In My Pocket

Puppy In My Pocket and Kitty In My Pocket were small collectible plastic dogs and cats that were released in the 90's. The toys each came with a card featuring a drawing of them along with some information and a fold up checklist of all the available toys in the line. The packs of animals also came with little pet show stands to play with or display them on and the cats had a nice display case with all their names outside of each of the cubbies. I'm not sure if the puppy set had something similar or not, but if so we only had the cat set. In addition to the individual animals, there were also family sets that featured an animal with their babies in a basket. I also had a few similar dogs from Oriental Trading, but they were a bit smaller than the Puppy In My Pocket dogs.

It is a little hard to find information on the original In My Pocket sets since newer versions have been released with the same name. It also appears that the sets had a somewhat limited run in the US and some of the names or looks of the animals in the US varied slightly from their UK counterparts. We really enjoyed collecting these little figures - I collected the puppies and Jen collected the cats. They made great pets for our Barbie dolls and we also have memories of when an escaped hamster chewed off Kent the dog's nose. (The hamster was fine and Kent was also fine after he received a new fabric paint nose!) My favorites of the dogs were Merlin, Bradley, Skat, and Glib, and Jen's favorite cat was cute little Pivot. I also had a few of the family sets which featured a mother dog with her puppies, but I just remember how meticulous I was about lining up the puppies exactly with the grooves in the plastic blanket.

Our Collection

Puppy In My Pocket

Alfie (Westie)
Azuma (Wire Haired Fox Terrier)
Big Boy (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Blair (Collie)
Bradley (Dachshund)
Cambridge (Golden Retriever)
Champion (Old English Sheepdog)
Cobra (Boxer)
Colossus (German Short-Haired Pointer)
Destro (Bloodhound)
Dice (Beagle)
Drac (Bichon Frise)
Flint (St. Bernard)
Glib (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Ghost (Schnauzer)
Junior (Chihuahua)
Kent (Cocker Spaniel)
Law (Shar Peh)
Meredith (Chow-Chow)
Merlin (Labrador)
Meteor (Jack Russell)
Ricochet (York Terrier)
Sindy (French Briard)
Skat (Welsh Corgi)
Starla (King Charles Spaniel)
Suzana (Poodle)
Vanessa (Afghan Hound)
Volcano (Newfoundland)
York (Scottish Terrier)
Zerk (Doberman)

Puppy In My Pocket: Families

Bella and Puppies (Collie)
Blanche and Puppies (Poodle)
Mimi and Puppies (Dalmatian)
Suzie and Puppies (St. Bernard)

Kitty In My Pocket

Adhezo (Manx)
Aimee (Blue Persian)
Alarm (Bicolor Longhair)
Coventry (Japanese Bobtail)
Encore (Birman)
Erin (Chinchilla Longhair)
Fantasy (Red Persian)
Fingles (Non-Pedigree Shorthair)
Lauren (White Longhair)
Magnetic (Bicolor Longhair)
Meadow (British Black Shorthair)
Milky (Chinchilla Longhair)
Motif (Non-Pedigree Black & White Shorthair)
Mural (Non-Pedigree Black & White Longhair)
Nugget (Non-Pedigree Ginger Longhair)
Orient (Black Longhair)
Oxford (Seal-Point Colorpoint Longhair)
Parker (Siamese)
Pivot (British Bicolor Shorthair)
Plunder (Non-Pedigree Shorthair)
Probe (Pewter Longhair)
Rustic (British Brown Tabby)
Scrabble (British Red Classic Tabby)

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