My Little Pony

My Little Pony was first produced by Hasbro in the 80's and has since had a countless number of ponies created over the years. The line has become extremely popular among fans of all ages due to the Friendship is Magic TV series which has even had whole conventions dedicated to it. Although we haven't really followed My Little Ponies outside of the original movie (which had some very catchy songs and memorable scenes), we have a small collection of the toys from when were younger.

After looking up the names of the ponies in our collection, I found that they were all part of the G1 series which ran from 1983 through 1995. My favorites out of the toys we had were the Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals sets because I really liked the bear and kangaroo and the baby ponies that matched them. We had made several little families out of our ponies that I still remember very well. In addition to the ponies on our collection, we also included our Lady LovelyLocks dragon and a Little Pretty gopher in our games. Our cousin also had a My Little Pony collection, but I remember us playing with her twin Megans in our Barbie games the most. We also played with these toys with our one neighbor until she swiped one of our ponies. We never did get that pony back, but I think I finally identified it as a purple pony named Beach Ball.

Our Collection

Baby Sparkle Ponies

Baby North Star
Baby Starflower

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies


Perfume Puff Ponies

Lavender Lace
Sweet Suds

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals

Baby Hoppy
Baby Pockets
Baby Nectar
Baby Stripes


Baby Palm Tree (Paradise Baby)
Baby Sunribbon (Baby Rainbow Ponies)
Caramel Crunch
Happy Hugs (Sweetheart Sister)
Lemon Treats
Sunbeam (Unicorn & Pegasus)
Sundance (Megan and Sundance)
Truly (So Soft Ponies)

Other Dolls

Happy Heather (Little Pretty Picture Frame Pets gopher)
Sweetcurl (Lady LovelyLocks dragon)

Pictures (click to view larger)
2017 Photos