Precious Places

Precious Places, released by Fisher Price in the late 80's, was an adorable line of miniature dolls and accessories in a town setting. There were several buildings including a mansion, a church, a ballet studio, and a gazebo (among others), and all of the structures could be connected by the pieces of sidewalk that came with each of the dolls. The town could be setup in any way that you liked, and since each of the dolls came with a key and a magnet on the bottom of their feet, they could be moved along the road by sliding the key underneath the raised areas. The keys could also be used to unlock the buildings, turn on the lights, and make other motions happen. The dolls themselves were really cute and I loved the tiny accessories, the attention to detail, the pastel colors, and the variety of characters.

I really enjoyed our Precious Places collection and setting up the environments to be just right. I liked the town atmosphere and how it tied all of the characters together, and when everything was put together it all looked very impressive. Our cousin had her own collection that included some of the figures that we didn't have, and it was fun to see the other items in the series when we visited. The only real problem that I can think of with the Precious Places line is that the sidewalks did not stay together very well on their own (our dad hooked them together with wire), and that it was never that easy to move the dolls along with the magnets. It could be done, but moving one of them along the sidewalk was always a very bumpy ride! I also remember being very disappointed in the puppies - I didn't like that they were completely pink and had to be detached from the plastic with the other accessories in the set. My favorite piece in our collection is the gazebo, although I love the lighting with the stained glass in the church, and the huge mansion is beautiful and we still have it set up to this day.

Our Collection

Ashley the Model
Baby Amanda
Baby's Nursery Cottage (Kristen)
Ice Castle Skating Pond (Heather)
Lindsay on her Scooter
Magic Key Mansion (doll, cat, and mouse)
Mom at Work
Mother Dog and Puppies
Mother Horse and Colt
Pink Slippers Ballet Studio (Kimberly)
Rollerskating Sara
Silver Bells Wedding Chapel (Mary and Michael)
Tip Toe Gymnastics Show (doll)
Twirling Melody Gazebo (Brittany and swan)
Wendy and her Ice Cream Cart

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