Amy Stroup

"Don't listen to them, get in your head, and say everything you don't need to hear about, push them out." - Chin Up

Amy Stroup is a singer, musician, and song writer who has a unique sound and style that is apparent in both her solo work and also her collaborations with other artists and her band Sugar and the Hi-Lows. I first heard her work on a free sampler album on Amazon that included two of her songs. The songs really appealed to me and I looked up her album "The Other Side of Love Sessions" and was hooked. I was drawn to the soft way that she sang and just how different the songs sounded than other artists I have heard. She has an understated way of bringing the songs to life and she is able to write lyrics that come across as both simplistic and complex at the same time. Her full length album "Tunnel" was somewhat stylistically different in tone than her previous work, but it was still very much her.

In addition to her solo career, I also enjoy following her band Sugar and the Hi-Lows which was created by her and Trent Dabbs. They are both really talented artists individually and have collaborated on other songs, but with this group they were able to create something really special with their throwback sound and catchy lyrics and melodies. I love the energy that they bring to their songs and their albums are very strong and cohesive while maintaining an original sound. It is apparent how much fun they have with this band and it really shines through in every aspect of their work, from how they dress the part to their enthusiastic performances.

Amy has a wide range of styles that her music covers and she seems to be able to put out quality work in all of them with ease. I've enjoyed her Christmas songs, covers, duets, and any genre or theme that she decides to tackle. Some of her songs have been featured in different TV shows and promos and I hope that she is able to get more recognition for her music. I'm certainly glad that I came across her songs and I hope that she continues to have more people find out about her to appreciate her musical endeavors.

Sugar and the Hi-Lows
Sugar and the Hi-Lows
Chin Up, Love You Strongly, Two Day High, I've Got You Covered
Snow Angel, Stubborn Lover, You Make the Cold Disappear, Chin Up