David Garrett

"All the restless and broken, washed on the shore, feel ground beneath your feet, you are lost no more." - Serenity

David Garrett is a German violinist and composer who has released numerous albums that range in style from solo classical violin pieces to rock covers backed by a full orchestra. The majority of his CD releases are in the classical crossover genre where he is able to showcase his unique sound and style. He is an extremely talented musician and has even received recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. In addition to his distinctive sound, he also has a very interesting look, as he looks more like a model or rockstar than a classical violinist. I think part of his appeal is that he isn't quite what you'd expect and that he is always pushing the boundaries of his music to create something completely new.

I became an instant fan of David's when I first heard samples of his Rock Symphonies album on Amazon. I was really drawn to the sound of his music and listened to the samples over and over, and I ended up buying the album the next day. He is such an intriguing performer to listen to and he brings something special to everything that he plays. I really like his traditional classical albums, but my favorite music of his is when he is either playing his take on a modern version of the classics or more current music. There is a real passion to what he does and it comes across in every piece that he writes and plays.

David has a very endearing personality in interviews and I really like his humble yet confident approach to his musical talents. When watching him perform you can tell how much he loves playing and how much he puts his all into it. He has toured all over the world sharing his music and his unique sound and style really does justice to any type of music that he plays. I enjoy hearing him breathe new life into the traditional classics and also seeing what new kinds of music he wants to explore. With each new album he continues to grow and evolve and I look forward to continuing to follow his work no matter what direction or style his music will take him.

Rock Symphonies
Rock Symphonies
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