Josh Groban

"If I could make these moments endless, if I could stop the winds of change, if we just keep our eyes wide open, then everything would stay the same." - Awake

Josh Groban is a singer, song writer, and musician who has released many different albums that include an eclectic collection of songs that span a variety of genres and languages. Throughout his career Josh has shown that he isn't afraid to try new things with his music and each album finds him pushing himself further artistically while still retaining elements that his fans first fell in love with. It has been interesting being able to see him put more of his own personal touch on each subsequent album and to see his growth from his first to most recent works.

I first heard Josh's music back in October of 2003, when I heard "To Where You Are" on the radio. I thought the song was beautiful and was very intrigued by his rich, deep voice, so I went to his official website to find out more about him. I was very surprised to learn that he was only in his early 20's, because his voice led me to believe that he was much older. After listening to the music on his website, I was hooked and bought his sophomore CD, "Closer", as soon as it was released. I then worked my way backwards through his albums, getting "Josh Groban in Concert" next and then finally his debut album. My music collection has grown so much since becoming his fan, as not only did I become exposed to the classical crossover genre, but I now also love songs in all different languages.

I love the kind of music that Josh sings, and it has been fun following his career and seeing which directions it takes. Although I think "Awake" is technically his best album, my personal favorite is "Illuminations" because it was just so cohesive with the way each song worked together. I must admit that I really didn't feel a connection with the songs on "All That Echoes", and since I'm not a huge fans of musicals, "Stages" wasn't among my favorite albums either. However, even when I'm not a huge fan of some of his work I always enjoy his impressive vocals and look forward to whatever he puts out next.


Closer Tour: Bristow, VA (8/2/04) - This was the perfect evening for our first Josh concert. Since the venue had open sides, there was a nice breeze and Josh was just wonderful. He sounded so different live and in person and I loved the stage set-up and presentation. The crowd was very respectful, Josh was having fun, and it was definitely a night to remember!

Josh Groban Live Tour: Madison Square Garden, NY (2/11/05) - People say that when you perform in the Garden that you know you've made it, and Josh was really feeding off the energy of the crowd. This concert was great, although it could never live up to the first time we saw him in VA over the summer. Josh was definitely excited at this concert and you could see how happy he was throughout the whole show. His voice was top notch, and it was a great time.

Awake Tour: Verizon Center, Washington DC (3/13/07) - This was my favorite Josh concert to date. We had fantastic seats (sixth row!) and even got to go up to the stage after he finished singing "Weeping" and he signed our program! (At that part in the show, people near the front were allowed to go up to the stage so he could sign some stuff.) You could really tell he was having fun throughout the whole thing, and his banter with the crowd was very funny and memorable.

Awake Tour: Hershey Park, PA (8/3/07) - I was really happy to be able to see Josh's Awake Tour again before it ended because it was such a great show. We didn't get any pictures at this show but it was a fun concert and trip. We took advantage of being in Hershey and went on the chocolate tour before we went home the following day.

You're Still You, To Where You Are, Remember When it Rained, February Song, Higher Window, Gold Can Turn to Sand
You Are Loved (Don't Give Up), In Her Eyes, Broken Vow, Oceano
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February Song
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Closer Tour (8/2/04)
Josh Groban Live Tour (2/11/05)
Awake Tour (3/13/07)