Mamoru Miyano

"Chase the chance, chase my dream, chase your love." - Shine

Mamoru Miyano is a singer and voice actor who has released numerous albums and singles and has quite an impressive list of credits in anime and other media. In addition to his vocal work, he is also a songwriter, dancer, and model who has such a passion for performing that is apparent in all that he does.

As a fan of "The Betrayal Knows My Name" when it was released as a manga, I was excited when I learned that an anime series had been produced. Shuusei Usui was my favorite character in the manga, and when I heard him brought to life by Mamoru it was such a perfect fit. His portrayal of the character added even more depth to Shuusei and really brought out his inner conflict. When I heard his character song, I was intrigued by his singing and so looked up Mamoru's music videos on YouTube. After watching "Egoistic" I bought his "Fantasista" album, and after it arrived I listened to it on repeat for awhile. Even though I don't know Japanese, his beautiful voice transcends the language and I am still able to fully enjoy his songs. I love the fun, upbeat JPop songs that really get stuck in your head, the moving ballads, and everything in between.

In addition to Mamoru's musical career I also really love his voice acting. He is such a talented actor and he always brings something special to the shows that he is a part of. I am a big fan of Free! and he was so good in his role as Rin Matsuoka. He was able to capture and effectively convey Rin's range of emotions while still having him come across as a real person. I always enjoy his voice work in any anime he is in, no matter how small a part he plays.

I have several of Mamoru's concerts on DVD and really enjoy watching them. He is such a charismatic performer and his concerts are such well thought out productions with the choreographed dance numbers and costume changes. He is just a joy to watch and seems to have so much fun on stage. It is amazing to watch him go from so adorable and bubbly on some numbers to emotional and serious on others. There is just something about him that is so captivating to watch. The 'making of' clips for his music videos demonstrate what a professional he is when it comes to his craft, as they show how he is able to immediately focus on the work and deliver exactly what is needed at any given moment.

I really enjoy collecting his singles as they are released and I look forward to seeing what he will put out next. He is such a prolific artist with his voice work, music, and concerts and everything I've seen of his is always quality work. Listening to his music and watching him perform just makes me happy!

Be, Egoistic, Forever Lullaby, Identity, Thank You, Break It, Be Mine, Boku No Manual
Golden Night, Shine, Ulysses
Music Video
Egoistic, Identity, Shine
Break It, Shine