"I wish I could bubble wrap my heart, in case I fall, and break apart." - Bubble Wrap

McFly is a British pop band made up of singers/guitarists Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones, bass player Dougie Poynter, and drummer Harry Judd. Their music tends to gravitate towards pop with catchy hooks and melodies, and many of their songs sound like throwbacks to rock and roll of the 50s and 60s. They started the group as teenagers, so as they have grown up their sound has evolved, but the original charm of the group has never disappeared. More than their music being fun to listen to, McFly is my favorite band because of Tom, Danny, Harry, and Dougie and the bond they share together. It is very rare that I know the names of anyone in a band I follow outside of the lead singer, but each member of McFly is just as important as the others, and that more than anything is why I connected with this band so much. Not a single member could be replaced without completely changing the dynamic of the group. They are all best friends who love making music together, and everything I've seen of them over the years just reiterates the fact that what McFly has is special and rare.

Another thing that sets McFly apart from most other bands out there is how incredibly connected they are with their fans. They still have their private lives, but they share so much that the walls between them and the fans have all but disappeared over the years. They are still a supergroup selling out arena tours, but they also take the time to make silly YouTube videos and post fun backstage pictures almost daily. Their autobiography also offered an extremely candid look into their early years as a band and all of the struggles that came along with that. They have overcome so many personal obstacles individually, all while sticking together and making great music.

As the members of the band have branched out to other personal projects, the music seems to have been put on a bit of a hiatus, but they have assured everyone that they are still very much a band. Over the past few years, Harry won "Strictly Come Dancing", Dougie "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here", Tom and Dougie have written a series of children's books in the "Dinosaur Poops" series, Danny signed on to be a coach on "The Voice Kids", and Tom has written an extremely popular book entitled "The Christmassaurus" with a stage show tie-in and movie in the works. They also teamed up with Matt Willis and James Bourne from the band Busted for awhile to form the supergroup McBusted, go on a largescale tour, and release an album together. Even though new music from McFly is few and far between recently, they did embark on "The Anthology Tour" in 2016 where they played their entire back-catalog in several three night concert events. McFly is just such a fun and rewarding group to follow, and I am so happy to know that "It's not always easy, but McFly is Forever"!

Motion In the Ocean
Love is Easy, Bubble Wrap, Lies, Little Joanna
Bubble Wrap, POV, The Last Song, Love is Easy
Music Video
Love is Easy, Transylvania
Love is Easy