Tyler Glenn

"God, I could never be like you. I can't change, I can't change, and I don't want to." - Midnight

Tyler Glenn is an American singer/songwriter best known for his work as the lead singer of the band Neon Trees. Although I had heard several of their hits before and loved the song "Animal" as covered by Kurt and Blaine on Glee, I did not truly become a fan until I randomly saw the music video for their song "Songs I Can't Listen To". I was hooked right away and became obsessed with their unique sound and aesthetic. All of their music is so catchy, and each of their albums has a distinct style different from what you hear from a lot of other bands.

I discovered Neon Trees around the time that Tyler was branching out to pursue his own solo interests for the first time. Tyler is such a charismatic front man, and while I enjoy the music of Neon Trees as a band, it was really his personal story that drew me in and made me such a fan. I would highly recommend his Mormon Stories Podcast interview to anyone with about five hours on their hands because it was an extremely candid and fascinating look into Tyler's life. As I learned more about the origins of the band as well as Tyler's sexuality and faith crises, it lent so much authenticity to the lyrics of his songs. His solo album "Excommunication" speaks to his experiences in such a raw way where he was able to channel everything that was going through into the music and create something really special.

Tyler Glenn is an amazing singer and songwriter, and his personal experiences and struggles have allowed him a unique well of material to draw from. I would love more music from Neon Trees, but even if the band's hiatus continues on, I look forward to seeing what Tyler himself will come out with next. He has made it though an insanely tough time, and I'm curious what the chapter after "Excommunication" will sound like, whether it is reunited with Neon Trees, or another solo project.

Excommunication, Pop Psychology
Midnight, First Vision, G.D.M.M.L. Girls, Love in the 21st Century, Sleeping With a Friend
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Midnight, Songs I Can't Listen To
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