Quick Facts
Adopted: May 2000
Passed: February 2002
Nicknames: The Princess
Personality: smart, lazy
Special skills: litter box trained

Eve was the very first guinea pig that we picked out when we decided to get guinea pigs back in 2000. She was the prettiest pig in the pet store and showed her diva-ish personality from the start, by screaming when she was taken out of the cage and then biting the worker. She turned out to be an extremely sweet pig, however, and got along great with both Aya and Caramel (who later joined the piggy family).

Eve was easily one of the smartest pigs that we ever had and she quickly learned that with two other pigs living with her, she didn't really have to do any work to get food. She was also the only pig of ours to be litter trained. We had a small litter box in the corner of the cage, and she would consistently use it while the others couldn't be bothered. Eve was the first pig to make use of the sleeping bags that our mom made for them and could generally be found lounging around the cage, completely stretched out and comfortable. Her enjoyment of comfort earned Eve the affectionate nickname of "The Princess".

In December 2001, we had a ringworm outbreak in the cage with the three girls, and Eve had the worst case. She lost most of the fur on her back and had to be force fed when she stopped eating due to an intolerance to the medication she was on. Due to a lack of knowledge on both our part and the vet's, Eve wasn't able to bounce back and sadly passed away in February 2002. We were devastated at losing her and found a vet more knowledgeable in exotic animals shortly afterwards.

Eve was a very special piggy and a great addition to our family. We are happy that Caramel and Eve got to see each other one last time before she passed because Eve seemed really happy. She ran over to Caramel and started purring, something she hadn't done for awhile. Aya couldn't visit with her because she was almost recovered and we didn't want her to catch ringworm again. Eve is still greatly missed and we wish that we could have done something more for her when she was sick. She was only two years old, pretty young for a guinea pig, and it is difficult to look back and second guess everything to see what we could have done differently. We wish we had had more time with this special piggy, but we appreciated all that she brought to our lives for the short amount of time that we had her.

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