Quick Facts
Adopted: March 2001
Passed: March 2007
Nickname: Muffy Puffy, Moofie
Personality: cuddly, gentle giant
Special skills: would follow us across the whole room for a treat

Muffy and Hazel were an impulse addition to our family. I was in Petco with my mom and they were there with a sign that said they were free with their cage. After meeting them I could not leave them there and convinced my parents we should get them to give them to our relatives who were considering getting guinea pigs. I thought at least I'd get to spend a little time with them that way, although they never ended up leaving since they became ours so quickly! I just loved them and how they were so completely opposite from one another as Muffy was big and Hazel was small, Muffy was outgoing and Hazel was reserved, but they were still the best of friends.

Muffy was always a very large guinea pig (she weighed in at over three pounds most of her life), although her weight just made her even more adorable and cuddly. Anytime anyone met Muffy for the first time, they always said how cute and big she was and she was usually the instant favorite of anyone who met our pigs. Her big droopy eyes, long whispy fur, and sweet personality just made her so cute and instantly appealing! She originally had these really neat looking pieces of fur sticking up on the sides of her head (we called them her devil horns), but Hazel loved to be a hairdresser and chewed them off when barbering her.

One thing Muffy loved to do was to rearrange her living space - the first thing she would do when put back after a cage clean was push her house to where she wanted it. It was funny (and very impressive) one time when she had somehow pulled a towel beside the cage in through the bars and was sitting on top of it. She also loved to pull the masking tape off the cage walls that held up the newspaper, and sometimes we would have to carefully pull it off her fur because she had gotten it stuck. Muffy also loved her food a lot and would even occasionally stand on her hind legs to beg for it.

One downside to her extra weight was when Muffy ended up getting bumblefoot. Her foot would get swollen and she would bunny hop to get around, so we got to spend a lot of extra time with her on our laps and her foot in a foot bath! Nevertheless, she was always a pretty healthy guinea pig. Muffy was a great go-to pig if you just wanted a big squishy pig to cuddle - she had such a sweet temperament and always seemed to really like attention.

Muffy passed away in her sleep in 2007, which was very sad but we were glad that she did not seem to suffer at all. She was the last of our five original guinea pigs and we loved her so much. She was such a wonderful guinea pig and will always be missed.

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