Jonathan Burns

"Okay, some of you weren't sure how to react there. That's okay, that's a lot like my family. Usually clapping is positive feedback for me." - Jonathan Burns

Jonathan Burns is an amazingly funny performer who we were able to see at the festival for the 2011 through the 2014 seasons. His act consisted of juggling, contortionist routines, magic, and comedy. The finale of each of his shows was called the Hoops of Destiny, where he had a choreographed routine set to music where he fit his body through a picture frame, tennis racket, and toilet seat! He has even appeared on many different TV shows, including the James Corden show!

There is just something about him that is so intriguing. He always seemed to draw a huge crowd and kept everyone laughing and entertained throughout his whole show. He had a very solid show with virtually no down time between tricks and jokes, and he was always very quick to react to anything that happened during his performance. One of the funniest moments that sticks out to me is when a gunshot when off on another stage and he immediately dropped to the ground in the middle of his juggling routine. His charisma and style of comedy was very inviting and at many times during his show it felt like he was talking to you instead of performing at you.

We really hope that he comes back to the festival again in the future, although it looks like his entertainment schedule is pretty full!

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