"The next song is Blau, it's from our blue CD.  The title of the song is Blau and the title of the CD is Blau, and it means blue.  Blue like not my eyes." - Pierre-Alexandre introducing their song Blau

Cercamon is a musical group that played music from or inspired by the Medieval period in Europe. The three members of the band played many unique instruments and performed their songs in a variety of different languages. We saw them at the Renaissance Festival during the 2007 through 2009 seasons. Cercamon consisted of three musicians: Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves (lead singer, flutes, hurdy gurdy), Andrew Wells-Oberegger (back-up singer, guitars, bagpipe), and Jean-Phillippe Parent (drums). They were from Montreal and although English was not their first language, their in-between song banter was always so funny. In addition to being great musicians they were also really kind when we talked to them after their shows.

We really enjoyed their shows a lot and sometimes even saw two of their performances during the same day since their set lists were so varied. Their last show of each day they brought out the hurdy gurdy and had a more mellow, deeper sort of set, but as with all their shows they were always a lot of fun and full of humor.

Their music was so different than anything else we've ever heard at the Renaissance Festival and they are really talented musicians. We own all of their albums, including the one released under their band DeLonga (which was Pierre-Alexandre and Andrew as a duo), and we really enjoy them a lot. It looks like the two of them are still performing as the band Cerca Mundo, and we hope that one day they can bring their talents back to the Maryland festival.

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