The London Broil

"Everyone knows that there is nothing greater than or equal to a math joke!" - The London Broil

The London Broil is a three man comedy/juggling show that got its start at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the 90s. The original line up was Duncan, Matt, and Louie, but in 2014 AJ came in to replace Duncan. We were first introduced to the group in 2006, their first year back at the Maryland faire in a few years. We decided to check out their show because they were going to be one of the featured acts in the Hack and Slash Christmas special that year. They were only at the faire for two short weekends, but we felt like we had been seeing them for years after the first show. We really connected with their humor and they quickly became one of our favorite acts.

Originally, The London Broil show seemed to be more about the comedy/improv rather than the technical juggling, but in recent years, their juggling skills have become quite impressive. The progression from when we first saw them to now is really amazing, and what's great about them is that no two shows will ever be exactly the same. They've had several different shows in the time that we've seen them, including the awesome "The Story of Louie" in which they told the tale of how Louie got his moustache through juggling. That show was replaced by a completely unscripted show at the end of the day where the guys would answer questions and take suggestions from the audience for juggling tricks they should try out. Even within the bounds of one of their scripted shows, there's plenty of room for them to play around and work to make the other guys laugh.

We've also been fortunate to see The London Broil boys outside of the festival at many Hack and Slash Christmas Specials over the years, as well as seeing them do their stand up routines at The Comedy Lab. Though the group as a whole doesn't perform at the Christmas Special anymore, Louie has put together an act called "Victor EgginNoggen and Gingersnap" with one of the Steele Sisters that is really funny. We're always excited to see The London Broil included on the schedule for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, as they are still one of our favorite acts to this day and never fail to make us laugh.

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