The Pickled Punks

"Remember, never sweat the petty things, and never ever pet the sweaty things." - The Pickled Punks

Hey! They're cool! And they are completely mental! Ahhhhh! The Pickled Punks "Completely Mental" show was a two man comedy/magic show comprised of Master Gyre (Stephon) and Master Gimble (Steve). During their show, they attempted to read the minds of audience members, predict the future, see through solid objects, and do lightning mathematics... some of those being more successful than others.

The Pickled Punks show was only performed once a day, and we always tried to fit it into our schedule. Each show was different because of the audience participation, and the two guys played really well off of each other. Our favorite memories of their show always occurred during the stunt where a blindfolded Stephon has to guess what objects Steve is holding up in the audience. When Steve asked for an item they could never have guessed an audience member would have brought, once we handed him a Chia pet, and another time a photo of the exact stunt from a previous year. His expression in both cases was priceless!

Though this particular show is no longer performed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Gyre and Gimble can still be seen in several different shows. Stephon is also Swami Yomahmi, Steve is a part of the Drum Runners, and both are still a part of the Shakespeare Skum troupe. Throughout the years, Stephon also brought his Cheeky Monkey Sideshow to the faire and Steve performed in the Punch and Judy show. While we enjoy seeing them in their other ventures, The Pickled Punks was a great show, and we still hold out hope that they may bring it back at some point in the future. It would have been really fun to try and outdo ourselves with bringing them random objects!

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