Hack and Slash Christmas Special 2003

"I think it's time for the magical candy cane Christmas fight to the death." - Santa Slash

During the 2003 festival season, Hack and Slash kept talking about having a Christmas special as their last show of the year. Since the festival only runs through October, we thought that was just a funny joke during their show. However, we decided to see their last show just in case and got their super early to get good seats. Sure enough, their final show was indeed a Christmas show! It was a really fun and memorable day to end the festival season, and we had no idea that it would be the start of an annual tradition for the next decade and beyond!

The show consisted of many of Hack and Slash's usual routines but with a holiday twist - such as swordfighting with candy canes and changing the lyrics of their beer song to eggnog. Lots of special guests were a part of it, including Michael Rosman, Phil DePaulo, Nimblewick, Gigi the mime, Eric the t-shirt boy, Johnny Fox, and The Rogues, but no one except Slash seemed to realize it was a Christmas Special.

Memorable Moments
  • The tiger attacking Slash every time he said 'Christmas Special'
  • Hack dressed up as Count Hackula to celebrate Halloween
  • Throwing candy at the audience
  • The elves handing out Christmas cookies
  • General mayhem on stage with so many guests and helpers
  • The mime dressed as the Easter Bunny
  • Nimblewick and Phil blowing fire ("Chestnuts roasting on an open fire")
  • Michael Rosman and Phil DePaulo's human menorah for Hanukkah
  • Whipping the target out of the tiger's hand
  • Johnny Fox dressed as a tree for Arbor Day
  • Decorating the Johnny Fox tree
  • Shaving Hack's back in the shape of a Christmas tree
  • The "Magical Christmas Stack of Magicalness" (Michael Rosman on the rolla bolla on top of Hack and Slash on the bed of 1000 spikes)
  • The Pickled Punks never arriving (Slash kept asking about them the whole show)
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