The Christmas Special: The 12 Days of Christmas

"A lot of magicians would go for a big magical finish, but Bob? Heartwarming." - Slash, confused after Bob's card trick

2014 is when The Hack and Slash Christmas Special became The Christmas Special and a new core group of performers came together. The show moved to a smaller theater and since the theme was The 12 Days of Christmas, they had 12 performances spanning over 3 weekends. Having so many shows, each one was unique as performers came in and out throughout the run. We attended 3 shows and were able to see Slash, Broon, Bob from The Bloody Drama, Jimmy Merrit, Michael Rosman, Louie from The London Broil, Nicole from The Steele Sisters, Maia Rodriguez, and Mosno Al-Moseeki.

This was the first year without Hack, so it was the first year with a completely new formula. All of the performers were given their time in the spotlight, and a lot of them came together at various points in the night for some improv sketches. It also marked the first year for holiday juggler Victor EgginNoggin and his absent minded assistant Ginger Snap, as portrayed by Louie and Nicole. All in all, it was a much looser atmosphere with a lot of room for the performers to play, which made it a lot of fun.

Memorable Moments
  • The story of the first Christmas, as told through magic to the song "Danger Zone"
  • The Egyptian hieroglyphics version of the 12 Days of Christmas (including a guy who really likes corn)
  • Learning all about the dangers of holiday gift giving
  • Jimmy's porn joke
  • Broon and Slash juggling bowling balls
  • Slash and Michael Rosman's dueling free standing ladders
  • Audience questions for Santa
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