Hack and Slash Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol

"Ebenezer Hack is a jerk!" - Matt of The London Broil as Mrs. Cratchett

In 2004, the Hack and Slash Christmas Special moved to a theatre with the first incarnation of a musical version of A Christmas Carol. The first year was a very loose interpretation of the source material, but over the next five years, we were able to see the show evolve into a very impressive full length musical comedy production. Hack and Slash always played Ebenezer Hack and Slash Marley, but each year, different Renaissance Festival performers and variety acts got to come in and be a part of the show as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, so it was always different.

Thoughout the years, ghosts were played by The Pirates Royale, The Tartan Terrors, Barry Croaker, Moonie and Broon, The Zucchini Brothers, Dead Bob, Hey Nunnie Nunnie, The London Broil, Dave Cox, The Washing Well Wenches, Christophe the Insulter, Nate Hendricks, and Matt Snyder. Michael Rosman always showed up during intermission for the Jewish presence, and Maia Rodriguez played the narrator most years.

Memorable Moments
  • Barry Croaker singing the Grim Reaper Blues as two grim reapers danced around the stage
  • Hack and Slash's random gifts to each other each year, including the Martha Stewart dress up kit, an anatomy learning doll, and an Illuminated Donkey
  • Sock monkeys for everyone!
  • The Christmas Special song: "It's Christmastime at the Hack and Slash Show do do do do do"
  • The London Broil as the ghosts of the Tiny Gang. Each of their individual death stories were too funny!
  • Poppy of the Washing Well Wenches and Barry Croaker's intermission shenanigans. They liked to play Disney's Jungle Cruise and a strange game involving monocles
  • The London Broil teaming up with Hey Nunnie Nunnie to bring the Cratchett Family to life
  • Matt Snyder coming in and owning the role of the ghost of Christmas Future for the last two years
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