Hack and Slash Christmas Special: In Color

"I don't have a family...I know, right? And I'm strong. I go to the gym, I work on my altoids. They're curiously strong." - Kyle Cease

In 2010, the Christmas Special was reimagined as The Hack and Slash Christmas Special: In Color. It was a tribute to the tv Christmas specials of yesteryear, and being part of the live studio audience, we got to watch all of the behind the scenes stuff happening during the "commercial breaks". Hack and Slash were the hosts, and all of the other acts stopped by their mountain retreat to reminisce and show off their talents, just like the plot to every old tv Christmas special. Even though we adored what the Christmas Carol musical came to be, In Color was a nice change and allowed the Christmas special as a whole to evolve creatively in the years that followed.

The best part of this incarnation of the Christmas special had to be the inclusion of comedian Kyle Cease as a cast member. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, he brought a new energy to the show and seemed to really enjoy being a part of everything. Other acts included The London Broil, Hey Nunnie Nunnie, Jimmy the Unpaid Intern, Michael Rosman, The O'Danny Girls, Circa Paleo, and Maia Rodriguez.

Memorable Moments
  • The "Wishing you a Merry Christmas" segments that got stranger as the show went on
  • Kyle Cease doing an entire bit from the walkway above the audience ("Just go up the ladder!)
  • The London Broil's new profession as lumberjacks
  • Philomena Claire's retelling of the first Christmas
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