Hack and Slash Shakespeare Massacre

"Give me your hands, if we be friends. Hack and Slash restore amends." - Slash paraphrasing A Midsummer Night Dream

2013 was an odd year for both Hack and Slash as a duo and for The Christmas Special, as it was the year that Hack and Slash announced that they would no longer be performing together. The Christmas Special would be their last hurrah, and they decided to do their Shakespeare Massacre show instead of a traditional Christmas show. It was a combination of all of the classic Hack and Slash shows with some additional Shakespeare themed bits thrown in. Duncan from The London Broil played Puppet Shakespeare's Ghost and interjected at several points in the show.

While this year wasn't especially Christmas themed, it was a very nice send off for Hack, and a wonderful tribute to their 20 year partnership. Even though we missed all of the Christmas Special regulars, having the focus be almost completely on Hack and Slash was the right call. We definitely witnessed the end of an era and the farewell to one of the best comedy duos we've seen.

Memorable Moments
  • Getting to see all of the best bits from every Hack and Slash show one last time live
  • The "I Hate William Shakespeare" song
  • Slash bringing back Barry Croaker and his children's books
  • Louie, reprising his role as Tiny Tim, emerging from a life size replica of the TARDIS
  • The standing ovation for Hack at the end of the show
  • The awesome twist for Hack's future shown in the final video played at the show
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