The Christmas Special: The Nutcracker

"It is good to laugh at me, just not right now." - Louie as Victor EgginNoggin

The Christmas Special in 2015 was very reminiscent of the previous year's show, with the smaller venue and lots of familiar faces. Although I sometimes miss the big stage productions, there is something to be said about having a more intimate type of show. With a much smaller audience you feel much more a part of what is going on and many of the moments feel more authentic.

The main theme of this year's show was the Nutcracker, which included a retelling of the tale narrated by Bob. The rest of the cast all played parts in the story in addition to having their own segments during the course of the show. Broon did some magic, singing, and comedy, Jimmy did stand-up, Maia and Mozno performed songs, Louie and Nicole did some juggling and comedy as Victor EgginNoggin and Ginger Snap, Slash rapped, and Michael Rosman did comedy and whip tricks. The whole cast also participated in a Grinch-off song battle and improv routines. A great time was had by all and I hope that this same cast is able to continue to participate for years to come!

Memorable Moments
  • Broon's song about being in love with a drag queen
  • Slash as the Nutcracker
  • The faster and faster versions of the Nutcracker story
  • The reprise of Victor and Ginger Snap
  • Almost getting hit by Michael Rosman's whip
  • The ever unpredictable improv
  • Lots of pajamas
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