Christmas Special Radio

"Did you know that the exacerbated expression 'Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!' is actually based on three characters from the Bible?" - Holiday Fun Fact

This year's show was a departure from the Christmas Special format of the previous few years. It was styled as an old fashioned holiday radio broadcast with the performers acting out various skits from behind a row of microphones, as if we were the live studio audience at a radio station. The bulk of the material performed was a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life" called "It's a Wonderful Christmas", where they lovingly poked fun at the classic movie. It was light on the usual variety skill acts, but there was comedy, music, sound effects, and games.

Most of the usual performers were back this year, and there was a new face to the Christmas Special in Jack Reda of "The Bloody Drama" fame. It may not have been the most visually entertaining show as it mostly consisted of everyone standing at a microphone reading a script, but it was something new and it gave the performers the opportunity to show off their acting skills. Aside from the radio sketches, Mosno played a few songs, Slash performed his Christmas rap, and there was a game of charades at the end of act one that transformed from Christmas themed to Star Wars themed by the second time we saw the show. The audio from the special was also released near Christmas so it could be experienced as an actual broadcast as if you were gathered around the radio with your family in the past.

Memorable Moments
  • The phone call home sketch, especially Louie playing the hard of hearing grandma
  • The sound effects ninja
  • Slash's Christmas rap complete with hype-man Jimmy
  • Holiday fun facts
  • The inclusion of Victor and Gingersnap, even in the new format
  • Christmas charades
  • Michael Rosman's speed art
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