Hack and Slash Christmas Special: The Movie

"It's 'Look at our hands, we're orphans!'" - Duncan announcing the name of their juggling act without any clubs

In 2012, the Christmas show took on a new form as the Hack and Slash Christmas Special: The Movie. Once again Hack and Slash were joined by other acts and special guests to round out the cast and the story. Hey Nunnie Nunnie played the caretakers of an orphanage that was being forced to shut its doors since they could not afford their rent. With the help of Hack and Slash (former residents of the orphanage and now famous directors), they auditioned several acts to perform in a show to raise money for their cause. They were able to put on a big show and save the orphanage with some special twists and surprises occurring along the way.

Other acts that were a part of this show were the band Blue Sky 5, storyteller/musician Andy Irwin, juggling orphans The London Broil, Michael Rosman, Maia Rodriguez, and the Christmas Ninjas. Blue Sky 5 and Andy Irwin were new to us, and we always enjoy the other acts we've come to know and love from the festival and other Christmas shows. We really enjoyed this show; it's probably one of our favorite Christmas specials that they have put on.

Memorable Moments
  • Duncan suggesting to save the orphanage by turning it into a pie orchard and shoe farm
  • The London Broil as orphans
  • Hey Nunnie Nunnie singing "Orphanage California" with an assist from The London Broil
  • Andy Irwin's storytelling and songs
  • Louie making Slash eat a whole grilled cheese sandwich
  • Slash's stand-up
  • Glow-in-the-dark juggling
  • The surprise villain of the story
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