Why Amy & Rory

Amy and Rory are that special sort of couple on tv who are never boring, and the writers achieve that without resorting to cheapening their relationship in the slightest. Aside from brief jealousy on Rory's part towards the Doctor, Amy and Rory are a solid couple who faced adversity together. Their relationship and love for each other was never questioned and they became more and more solid as the show continued. Add on the fact that they are absolutely adorable together and there is no doubt left that they are one of my favorite couples. I mean, Rory waited 2000 years to be with Amy...if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

While Amy sometimes annoyed with her hero worship of the Doctor, she was always absolutely unwavering in her love towards Rory. In many other shows with less talented and caring writers, Amy and Rory would have been fighting over the Doctor every other episode. Instead, with Doctor Who Amy always went the opposite route of expected and ended up at Rory's side through everything. There was nothing that could break these two apart, yet it didn't make me any less excited to see where their story would go each week. See, a couple can be shown to be in love and supportive of each other and not be boring! It can be done American writers!

- Jen