Why Ban & Ginji?

I have become a really big fan of the relationship between Ban and Ginji since watching the anime.  As I mentioned above, it seemed to me that they actually were a couple and that they just never said it to the audience.  At the start of the anime they were already best friends and had a lot of history between them.  Ginji adored Ban and relied on him for everything, while Ban was completely protective of Ginji and believed in him no matter what.  And to add to the subtext on the show, there were also a number of compromising pictures of them in the official artbook.  It seems that it is not only the fans that are pairing Ban and Ginji together!

It's funny when I look around for fan-fiction for Get Backers and see people pairing up Ginji and Natsume and Ban and Himiko.  I'm always thrown for a loop, because while Ban and Ginji were not a couple in canon, it just seemed so natural to ship them that it never even occured to me that other fans might pair them up differently.  I really don't have anything against fan-fics that don't pair them together (people can ship whoever they want), it just always is a surprise to me when I start reading.  We just love these guys together, and some of the first doujinshi we ever bought was of Ban and Ginji.  These two are just so cute and I want to read the manga one day to see how their story plays out there.

- Liz