Why Ben & Michael?

The scene that pulled me into "Queer As Folk" was when Michael was singing "Ben" in the club to try and win Ben back, and I was a fan of this couple ever since that moment. What I really enjoyed about this series was how realistic and human the characters were. They all had many different sides and flaws and didn't always make the best decisions, and it was just very real. I also really enjoyed the character development throughout the series. The Michael at the beginning of the show was a very different Michael than at the end, but everything was such a natural progression.

Ben and Michael's relationship was not as popular as Brian and Justin's among fans of the show, but I enjoyed their scenes the most out of any other couple on the show. Although they had problems, as any couple would, they usually worked things out by talking and putting effort into their relationship. They were both such interesting characters and I love how Ben just integrated so well into Michael's inner circle. It was also nice to see a functional couple on this show who never cheated on each other, which almost every other couple did at one point or another. These two were just so sweet and I really enjoyed watching their relationship progress throughout the series.

- Liz