Why Charlie & Claire?

I started watching Lost at the end of the first season, and Charlie and Claire really stuck out to me.  There are a lot of characters on the show, but I found the relationship between the two to be adorable.  I then watched the rest of the first season episodes and liked the two as a couple even more.  Claire was very naive and confused and he was the one that kept her together.  Charlie wanted to protect her even though he barely knew her, and she needed all of the protecting she could get.

Lost was a really good show with a lot of couples, but Charlie and Claire were the cutest in my opinion.  Their relationship formed right in the beginning of the show and continued to grow until Charlie's death.  They had their ups and downs, but it seemed that they always came back together.  They became a little family on the island, and even if other couples were shown more, Charlie and Claire were a constant on the show.  While you had to worry about the other couples, there was no one else vying for either Charlie or Claire, so the only drama came from within their relationship.  They may not have been the epic romance of the show, but it still saddens me that their story is pretty much finished now after Charlie sacrificed himself at the end of the third season.

- Jen