Why Claus & Tatiana?

Claus and Tatiana were probably not the couple most people would ship from Last Exile, but there were so many hints to a possible relationship throughout the series, and they learned so much from each other.  He was the person that was able to break her out of her shell, and she helped him to realize his dreams.  They had many adorable scenes together and cared very much about the other's well being.

Last Exile was an excellent show, so we had to make a section for at least one of the many great relationships in it.  There were so many love triangles (and various other shapes) that were never really resolved, but for some reason Claus and Tatiana really stuck out to me.  They were my favorite couple on the show, even if they were not actually together yet.  There were many clues hinting at a possible relationship in the future for them, and we were very happy with the end of the show and how it left a lot open for interpretation.

- Jen