Why Conor & Molly

I know that our preference of Molly with Conor instead of Catlin is probably not a popular one among many ROAR fans, but we just didn't see any romantic chemistry between Conor and Catlin.  Conor seemed to really enjoy spending time with Molly, and she was always able to cheer him up when he was down.  Once Molly became a regular on the show, she had a way of making Conor smile, and they were really cute together.

I think that if ROAR had been allowed to continue, that Conor and Molly would have been able to further their relationship.  The last scene of the final episode had Fergus, Conor, and Molly all riding off to find their next adventure.  The episodes that were originally unaired in the US (although they have since been released on the DVD set) barely had any of Catlin and Tully in them at all, and I believe it was for the better.  I found ROAR, even though it was a fantastic show, to be a bit boring with them all just living in the Sanctuary together.  The idea of Fergus and Conor traveling with Molly was much more interesting to me, and I wish that the show had been renewed so we could have seen more of that storyline.  I really liked the idea Conor and Molly as a couple, and I think the show was heading in that direction.

- Liz