Emily and Lillian

"I fell for her without meaning to." - Emily

Doctor Emily Grace and Lillian Moss are from the tv series The Murdoch Mysteries. Emily was a coroner who was extremely passionate about her work and Lillian was a suffragette who was running from her problematic past. The two met when they were campaigning for women's voting rights and quickly formed a close friendship, although Lillian often made subtle hints that she was interested in more. Through getting to know Lillian better, Emily seemed to find something in both Lillian and herself that she didn't even know she was looking for.

Emily was such an interesting character and a very welcome addition to the show in season 5. In spite of (or perhaps because of) her work with the dead, she had a fascination with the otherworldly and spiritual side of being. Her thirst for knowledge and the truth, as well as her profession, made her somewhat of an outcast even among those she considered friends. She seemed to never truly fit in and always seemed to be searching for something, and I felt that when Lillian entered her life that she seemed more at peace with herself. Lillian, although she had secrets of her own she had to protect, showed Emily what it was like to live as she wished while being honest with herself. Lillian was not afraid to challenge the status quo and did not conform to societies expectations, and she would give anything to fight for what she believed was right. I really enjoyed watching Emily and Lillian grow closer and I was very surprised and happy when they ended up getting together - it just seemed right for them. I had not expected the show to go down that road and I found it very satisfying that they followed through with it.

When I learned that Emily's character was leaving the show due to a cast change, I was initially okay with it when Emily and Lillian decided to move to London together. However, that quickly changed to disappointment when Lillian ended up getting killed off before they could leave. Although, despite my feelings on the way the character was written off, I felt the episode "Double Life" was extremely powerful. After watching it there was absolutely no doubt left as to either of the women's feelings for one another, and it was very moving to watch Emily admit to her friends the truth of her relationship and gain their understanding and support. I truly wish that Lillian and Emily could have gone off to London to find happiness together, but I really appreciated an entire episode dedicated to their love for one another. And it was very touching that Emily decided to still make the move on her own because she wanted to do the work that Lillian would have wanted for them.


Episode 8-12 (The Devil Wears Whalebone)

Emily: "I'm sorry."

Lillian: "I'm not. If I hadn't been fired, I would have never dedicated my life to worthy causes. I would have never taken off the medieval torture device known as a corset. And I would have never met you."

Lillian: "I can see how it looked. I don't blame you for doubting me. I understand why you did what you did."

Emily: "I'm glad to hear it."

Lillian: "But you must understand, Emily, my suffragette sisters are all I have."

Emily: "I do understand. It's just... sometimes the way you... behave... you frighten me."

Lillian: "I frighten you?"

Emily: "You will do anything for the cause."

Lillian: "Not just for the cause."

Emily: "I doubt I have your passion."

Lillian: "You do. You lead by example."

Emily: "It doesn't feel like enough."

Lillian: "Then do more. Lead by action instead."

Emily: "I want to go corset-free."

Lillian: "Now that, I can help you with."

Episode 8-14 (Toronto's Girl Problem)

Emily: "I never thought a place like this existed!"

Lillian: "Stick with me and I'll show you all sorts of secrets. Let's dance!"

Emily: "Together?"

Lillian: "Why not? I'll lead!"

[Emily kisses Lillian]

Lillian: "Is this what you want?"

Emily: "Yes."

Lillian: "I'm not a toy."

Emily: "I'm too grown up for toys."

Episode 9-3 (Double Life)

Lillian: [looks at two hats] "I can't decide which to take."

Emily: "Then bring both of them."

Lillian: "We're starting anew, Emily. We should only take what we must."

Emily: "I prefer that one. You were wearing it when we first met."

Lillian: "Oh, was I now?"

Emily: "Mmm, hmm. And not only will you bring it, but you will wear it on the boat for me." [Emily puts the hat on Lillian]

Lillian: "Or else?" [they kiss]

Emily: "You wouldn't dare to find out."

Lillian: "This is so exiting! Transatlantic passage to London for a Doctor Grace and a Miss Moss on the RMS Carpathia."

Emily: "One might think us a wealthy doctor and his mistress when you say it that way."

Lillian: "Running off, to start a new life together."

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