George and Edna

"I've got the love of a good woman." - George

Constable George Crabtree and Edna Brooks are from The Murdoch Mysteries tv series. They met in the very first episode when Edna was staunchly trying to protect the life of a dog during a political demonstration. Throughout the case the police station was working on, George and Edna found themselves attracted to one another, and although they did not meet again until season 8, George did gain a dog out of their association. When they met again, George learned that the Edna Garrison he had known was now Edna Brooks and a widow struggling to raise her late husband's son on her own. Although the years had changed them both in different ways, she and George quickly warmed to each other and he promised that she could call on him if she was ever in need.

I was a huge fan of the relationship between George and Edna. I loved how they met again after so many years and were able to continue their romance that had never quite gotten off the ground back in the pilot episode. George really seemed to show a different side of himself when he was with Edna and Simon. Although he was a competent policeman, he always did have wacky theories and was played for comic relief quite often, and I'm not sure where I had read it, but someone online said that when George was with Edna he was able to be a man. I think the love of Edna really made him grow as a character and it was a good look on him. Up through season 9 I considered myself a fan of The Murdoch Mysteries, and I've also determined that the turning point for me was when Edna and Simon were written off the show. I loved the storyline with George being promoted to detective and proposing to Edna and felt it was such an unfortunate plot contrivance to not only have her husband come back and then get killed, but to then destroy any chance of happiness with Edna and George, and then also strip away George's chance to be a detective. It was like one step forward and then five steps back for his character and I felt it was to the detriment of the show as a whole.

George and Edna had such a sweet yet passionate relationship and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their romance grow throughout season 8. They were so well matched for one another and I also loved watching him take on the role of father figure for Simon. His guidance was proving to be very beneficial to Simon and he was also a strong, dependable person for Edna to rely on. And Edna was so supportive of George in not only his professional career, but also in his other interests that she didn't always necessarily understand, such as his vaudeville act. I found it very moving how George was willing to give up absolutely everything - his career, his reputation, and his freedom - in order to protect Edna. I would have really liked to have seen where their relationship would have taken their characters in the future, and although it is truly a shame how their story turned out, I still really appreciate what they had and how much it brought to George's life.


Episode 8-5 (Murdoch Takes Manhattan)

George: "Mrs. Brooks!"

Edna: "George Crabtree? Where did you find yourself an automobile?"

George: "This is my automobile. Our motorcar. Me and my chums pitched in and purchased it this morning."

Edna: "A purchase like this hardly seems wise on a constable's salary."

Jackson: "Ah, three constables salaries."

Edna: "Well, even so, isn't there a saying about fools and their money?"

George: "Well it's a shame you find it so foolish, otherwise I should think I'd like to take you for a drive at some point."

Edna: "Well, I have always wanted to go for a ride in a motorcar."

George: "Maybe I could call round tomorrow?"

Edna: "All right then, yes."

George: "Excellent!"

George: [the car makes a noise] "Oh, no. Oh, it's done this before. I would say I know how to fix it, but I don't know how to fix it."

Edna: "It's alright, it's fine."

George: "Well, I'm sorry. Oh, I fear our outing has ended rather quickly now."

Edna: "Well, why don't we take a walk down to the arcade?"

George: "I thought you wanted to go for a drive."

Edna: "I did, but I could fancy a stroll."

George: "Is this a date, Edna Brooks?"

Edna: "I suppose it is, George Crabtree."

George: "Well, good."

Episode 8-9 (The Keystone Constables)

George: "I didn't know you were here."

Edna: "May I have your autograph?"

George: "Now who's the comedian?"

Edna: "They let me watch from backstage."

George: "How did you manage that?"

Edna: "I said I was your sweetheart. I am, aren't I?"

George: "I'd hope so."

Episode 8-17 (Election Day)

Edna: "I hope you weren't expecting something fancier."

George: "Edna, it's perfect. Nothing could be more perfect than this moment right now. And on a detective's salary, I'll be able to afford fancier places. "

Edna: "Fancier hot dogs."

George: "The fanciest hot dogs. But I could afford to buy a house. I could afford to get married."

Edna: "Is that meant to be a proposal, George?"

George: "Well, it wouldn't be..."

Edna: "I was just kidding, I didn't, I didn't mean you'd actually... actually..." [George gets down on one knee] "Oh..."

George: "Edna, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Edna: "Yes. Yes, I will." [they kiss]

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