Goh and Taki

"Well, I have you now. And I'm never going to let go." - Goh

Goh and Taki, from the manga series Yellow, were roommates, best friends, and partners in their drug snatching work. During the course of the books, Goh's attraction to Taki and his desire for a romantic relationship with him was never a secret, and although Taki slowly found himself more and more receptive of Goh's advances, he had his own reasons for not wanting to get involved in that way. Nevertheless, despite Taki's hesitancy, he eventually found that he couldn't hold his feelings back and the two became lovers, with the initial series ending with the pair on their honeymoon.

I read a lot of manga, and it isn't very often that a series comes along where I almost immediately fall in love with the characters. Yellow was one of those series for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the pairing of Taki and Goh. They were in a dangerous line of work, and it was to exciting to watch them work together as partners to solve even the most difficult cases by deciphering obscure clues. During the course of the series, I always thought it was so sweet how protective Taki was of Goh, and also how very much in love Goh was with Taki. I loved the rescue scene in the last book ("Sex now. Escape later."), their honeymoon, and Taki's gradual acceptance of how deeply he cared for Goh. I thought it was interesting how when we saw things from Goh's perspective, it was clear that he was always being completely open and honest with his intentions, but from Taki's point of view, we could see that he was cautious because he never quite fully believed that Goh could love him. Not only did Taki know that he was not Goh's typical 'type', but he also held on to very dark secrets from his past that consumed him. When Taki finally admitted that he wanted to be with Goh, it was a very tender moment where both characters showed some true vulnerability as they came to realize that they were both finally in the same place.

Taki and Goh had amazing chemistry together and the gradual buildup of their relationship made it feel more full and realized. Despite their growing romantic feelings for one another and the fact that they were always perfectly in sync as partners in their jobs, it took them awhile to start to lean on one another when it came to their struggles and emotions. When they did begin to open up to one another, such as when Taki asked about Goh's past and realized their upbringings weren't that dissimilar, they were able to find that it could bring them closer. In the three mini volume series Yellow 2, we were able to get a sort of epilogue to the main story and watch their new romance become their new normal. After they became a couple they each stayed very much in character, but it was sweet to see them no longer holding anything back from either themselves or from each other. I really liked being able to see how they worked together as a committed couple and how their relationship made each of them stronger individuals by having someone always on their side to provide them with so much love.


Volume 1

Taki: "Don't give that to them, Goh!! If you do-"

Goh: "I won't listen. 'Cause you're my treasure."

Volume 2

Taki: [thinking] 'His first mentor was a 'magician' and his second was a 'stuntman'? Is that true? Maybe. Even if it's a lie, I don't really care. Because you're here right now.' [leans down and kisses Goh] 'So long as this magic continues.'

Taki: "What if I never feel the way you feel for the rest of our lives? I was reading about the Tower of Babel just now. God's anger confounded the human language, and ever since, men can't communicate in one tongue."

Goh: "Interesting. But that won't be an issue between us, right? I understand your words, and... you understand my words. So long as 'I love you' is communicated, that's enough."

Volume 3

Taki: [thinking] 'Goh. I will protect you. No matter what happens. I won't let anyone... kill you... ever. I love you. Even though I couldn't say it once. From now on, no matter what... You are my only man.'

Volume 2-2

Goh: [flashback] "Good job, Taki! Sorry your first job was so intense."

Taki: "No, I - I just wanted so badly to be a good partner... that I got a little desperate."

Goh: (The alarm-) "...Damn. So sexy..." (-it's ringing like crazy.)

Taki: "Hm? Did you say something?"

Goh: "...No. I felt the same way too." (Don't fall for him - Don't fall for him, you hear? But as I was saying that to myself. I knew it was already too late.) "Nice to be working with you... partner."

Taki: [present time] "That was the time?"

Goh: "Yup. That's why I started hitting on you right after that!"

Taki: "I thought it was just plain ol' sexual harassment."

Goh: "That's not very nice. Look at all the love I constantly give you- but you always brought home a steady stream of girls. I was pretty sure you weren't into me. I mean, you were the epitome of a hetero guy-"

Taki: [mumbles] "So... it was around the same time, then."

Volume 2-3

Goh: "The only thing is, she could never stand to be without a man. Ugh... I bet this is where my dislike of women stems from. Hopeless..."

Taki: "'Woman' and 'mother' - they're two separate things. Besides, I'm grateful to her."

Goh: "What?"

Taki: "She gave birth to you, so that I might have you." [kisses Goh] "I'm grateful to her, from the bottom of my heart."

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