Why Goh & Taki?

I had wanted to get Yellow for quite some time after I kept hearing such good things about it.  After reading the books, I would have to agree with all the other fans - it is a really terrific series. I read a lot of manga and although I enjoy most of the books, it isn't very often that a series comes along that immediately becomes an instant favorite for me. Yellow was one of those series, I just love it, and I especially love the pairing of Goh and Taki.

Taki and Goh were a great couple and have shot to somewhere near the very top of my list of favorite couples.  There wasn't anything about them that I didn't like.  I loved how protective Taki was of Goh and how much in love Goh was with Taki.  I loved the rescue scene in the last book ("Sex now. Escape later."), their honeymoon, and Taki's slow warming up to Goh's romantic advances.  They had amazing chemistry together and the building of their relationship was very gradual, which really added to the realism.  Even after hooking up, they stayed very much in character and it was fun to watch their new romance become second nature.  Although the series was only four books (and three mini books) long, I felt that it was the perfect length and I couldn't have been happier with the ending.  Now if only I could find a site with fan-fiction for it...

- Liz