Why Kei & Ranmaru?

Although I thought Kizuna started out a little shaky, it really grew on me quickly because I loved the characters so much.  This one initially stood out to me because it wasn't a series about two characters falling in love; it was a series where they were already a couple when it began.  There were a few flashbacks that showed how they got together, but pretty much when the series gets going they were already in an established relationship.  I thought that was a pretty effective way of introducing them, by first showing us where they were and then going back and showing how they got there.  Kei was such a lovable character and so completely devoted to Ran, even though Ran didn't always believe him.  And although Ran sometimes acted in... interesting... ways (like accidentally chopping off a chunk of Kei's hair with a kitchen knife or waking him up by holding a pillow over his face), he was also a very endearing character.  I just adored these two together and found their dynamic very interesting.

- Liz