Why Kurt & Blaine

Seriously?  Why not Kurt and Blaine?  The two are absolutely adorable together, and I guess it doesn't hurt that I simply adore both of the actors involved in this pairing.  When I started watching Glee, Kurt instantly became my favorite character, and when rumors started flying that he was getting a boyfriend in season 2, I got excited.  Like most people, I originally thought that said boyfriend was going to end up being Sam since he was a new male character being brought onto the show, so I jumped right on that bandwagon.  However, once Darren Criss was cast as Blaine and sang "Teenage Dream" to Kurt, I was completely sold on that relationship and couldn't wait to watch it all play out.

While Kurt and Blaine had tons of cute scenes throughout the middle of season 2, I honestly didn't expect any romantic progress for a long time.  The deconstruction of Blaine's perfect knight in shining armor character was happening, and while he and Kurt seemed to be the best of friends, it didn't appear that they were going to be anything more anytime soon.  Color me surprised when "Original Song" aired and Blaine finally realized his feelings for Kurt.  From there they had many ups and downs, but the love the two characters have for one another has never been in question, even during their break up. Glee may have a lot of problems with consistancy and realism at times, but Kurt and Blaine's journey both together and apart - while frustrating at times - has always been given a lot of care and devotion. I have shipped many couples in my life, but never have I shipped a couple harder than Kurt and Blaine, and never have I loved a couple with as much canon content as they have had throughout the seasons. Kurt and Blaine have a forever kind of love, and while the show may be coming to a close soon, their future together has never looked brighter.

- Jen