Why Mick & Sunny?

When we started watching Da Vinci's Inquest, we immediately liked the pairing of Mick and Sunny.  There was a lot of time devoted to their relationship throughout the show, and because of that it came across as very believable.  The two characters had a lot of chemistry and were really cute together, and for the most part their relationship was healthy and realistic.  However, because it was realistic, their romance was not perfect and they ended up breaking up after five seasons together.

After a tragic event during one of his cases, Mick's life took a downward spiral, which caused him to become depressed and push Sunny away from him.  After unsuccessfully trying to deal with it, Sunny pulled away and they eventually decided it was best to go their own ways.  Near the end of the show Mick seemed to be working through his problems much better, so it was possible that they could have ended up together again off-screen.  We really enjoyed watching Mick and Sunny's relationship progress from a mutual attraction to a long term relationship, and we wanted to include them in here because, even though they didn't remain together, we really liked them as a couple.

- Jen