Murdoch and Pendrick

"Well, I am very impressed." - William Murdoch

Detective William Murdoch and Mr. James Pendrick are from the Murdoch Mysteries TV series. They first met on a case when Murdoch was assigned to guard, and then to recover, a priceless painting owned by the Pendricks. What started out like any other case turned into a mystery that almost bested the infallible detective, and what started out like any other client turned into one of William's closest friends. Their relationship - sometimes enemies, sometimes friends, but always intrigued by the genius that the other possessed - was incredibly intriguing to watch unfold throughout the seasons. Although Mr. Pendrick was only in about an episode each season after his arc in season 3, his episodes were always my favorites and I loved the different side of Murdoch that emerged when they were together as theirs was a true meeting of the minds.

From the moment their paths crossed, Murdoch had an undeniable fascination with the Pendricks - both Mr. and Mrs. - and couldn't seem to shake them from his thoughts. The first spark of something was seen when Murdoch was enthralled with the workings behind a building that Mr. Pendrick had designed, and he was mesmerized with the different things that Mr. Pendrick tinkered with on his visits to the Pendrick home. After falling under Sally Pendrick's charm, Murdoch became increasingly convinced that James Pendrick was behind various murders and schemes, despite the fact that Mr. Pendrick had saved his life and attested his innocence. After the true mastermind was revealed to be Sally, Murdoch was dismayed that his singled-minded focus had Mr. Pendrick jailed and almost hanged. After the case was closed, they parted on good terms and despite losing everything, Mr. Pendrick did not take long to bounce back. His brilliance allowed him to excel in the areas of electric cars, aircraft, flying suits, rockets, and even a moving picture. Each time their paths crossed, Murdoch (although he at first fell into his old pattern of accusing Mr. Pendrick of murder) eventually came to accept what Mr. Pendrick had proposed - that they should become friends.

When they worked together it was inspiring and I loved how even though they were on an equal intellectual level that they could still manage to impress one another. When Mr. Pendrick had been kidnapped, Murdoch was able to assess the modifications needed to the Arrow, headed off on his own to rescue him, and then put his complete faith in Mr. Pendrick's work to pilot the plane for their narrow escape. Mr. Pendrick's inventions opened a new world for Murdoch (I am convinced he made two flying suits with Murdoch in mind), and I loved how when they were together the usually straight laced detective could be made to smile and laugh. It was interesting how when Pendrick returned to create a moving picture that he had decided his movie would be about Murdoch. He could have chosen any subject matter in the world, but he chose to make a movie about William, and was prepared to die for his art. They both seemed to admire the other for not only their abilities, but also their determination to do what was right regardless of the personal consequences. I just loved watching their relationship grow and evolve throughout the show to the point where they could sit together and enjoy tea and one another's company.


Episode 3-6 (This One Goes to Eleven)

Julia: [looking at a painting] "It's an excellent likeness of James Pendrick, wouldn't you agree, William?"

Murdoch: "Oh excellent, yes, but the building itself is a far better portrait of the man. Solid steel, reinforced concrete skeleton, gearless traction, electric elevators. And a full eleven stories - Julia! Could you imagine anything so grand in Toronto?"

Murdoch: "Is that what your art collection is to you, Mr. Pendrick? An investment?"

Mr. Pendrick: "I'm afraid it doesn't captivate my mind the way that it does my wife's. A shame, really. Common interests solidify a marriage. And what woman do you know has the least interest in steel and concrete?"

Episode 3-13 (The Tesla Effect)

Murdoch: "Between the art robbery and this whole eugenics affair I was predisposed to suspect you. Then when Mr. McTavish came back into her life she saw it as the perfect opportunity to frame you and I... was only too willing to assist."

Mr. Pendrick: "Leaving her free to finance her project."

Murdoch: "I am so sorry, Mr. Pendrick. For everything."

Mr. Pendrick: "It's not your fault, Detective. The question now is how to stop her."

Murdoch: "Indeed."

Mr. Pendrick: "I despise that I still love her." [removes wedding ring]

Murdoch: "Even after everything?"

Mr. Pendrick: "Yes. I always hoped to find somebody that shared my passion. Someone that loved me in spite of my foibles. How tragic."

Murdoch: "What will you do?"

Mr. Pendrick: "I have nothing left. I'm free to start over. But on what... well, we'll see what catches my fancy. I trust our paths will cross again, Detective."

Murdoch: "I look forward to it, Mr. Pendrick."

Episode 5-6 (Who Killed the Electric Carriage?)

Murdoch: [looks at the Pendrick Bullet] "This is your latest venture, I take it?"

Mr. Pendrick: "I can see you're impressed. Prepare to be astounded." [opens the car door] "Get in. You know you want to, Detective."

Murdoch: "George, meet me back at the station."

Mr. Pendrick: "What is it about me that offends you, Murdoch?"

Murdoch: "Mr Pendrick."

Mr. Pendrick: "Every time we meet, you accuse me of the most heinous crimes. Every time your own investigations absolve me. We should be friends, you and I, we're men of science. And of vision. And yet I sit here once again, under your accusing stare. What will it take, Murdoch, to convince you once and for all I'm not a cold blooded killer?"

Episode 7-3 (The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch)

Mr. Pendrick: "Murdoch, what did you have in mind besides ruining my moving picture?"

Murdoch: "A question, Mr. Pendrick. Why were you not in your seat at the time of the shooting?"

Mr. Pendrick: "I returned to the projector, I have a witness to that. Besides, the man who was killed was my major investor. Certainly not someone I'd want to see harmed."

Murdoch: "Mr. Pendrick-"

Mr. Pendrick: "I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by seeing that man die."

Murdoch: "James, I-"

Mr. Pendrick: "Murdoch, why do you always presume-"

Murdoch: "James-"

Mr. Pendrick: "-me to be guilty, I-"

Murdoch: "Mr. Pendrick! I don't suspect you of anything."

Mr. Pendrick: "Oh. Oh, that's refreshing."

Episode 8-5 (24 Hours Til Doomsday)

Murdoch: "Doctor Janice Kemps. It's an anagram for James Pendrick."

Mr. Pendrick: "Hello, old friend."

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